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The Great Rehire Playbook, featuring 11 powerful strategies to recruit new talent, retain employees, and reimagine your employer brand and recruiting tactics for 2022, and beyond.

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17 pages filled with templates and examples of the best of the best social recruiting posts, as well as top tips and tricks to fuel your recruiting efforts.

It’s 2022 and the talent landscape has shifted—again. Has your talent acquisition strategy evolved with it? This collection of highly actionable strategies and tactical guides will help you maximize your talent outcomes, overcome the Great Resignation, and get a head start on the Great Rehire.

Get access to CareerArc’s 2022 Talent Acquisition Strategies Kit

The 2022 Social Recruiting Holiday Hashtags Calendar, replete with over 100 different holidays and  corresponding hashtags to use over the year for your recruiting, employer branding, and employee advocacy efforts.

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