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2021 Future of Recruiting Study

Work-life balance tops pay and workplace flexibility in top priorities for job seekers 

Before applying to a job, 82% of employees (a 7% increase over 5 years) consider employer brand and reputation

92% of employers use social and professional networks to recruit talent and tops the list of hiring tactics employers most use today, ranking above employee referrals, job boards, and job ads

The results are in: over 60% of full-time employees are seeking new jobs in 2021, according to our survey of 1,156 people. Access this report to discover how talent acquisition professionals are targeting them, what employees on the move are looking for, and how you can use social recruiting to find top talent today.

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2021 Future of Recruiting Study

86% of job seekers use social media in their job search to search for relevant jobs, and apply to jobs directly from social sites, engage with job-related content, and more 

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After a turbulent year, what matters most to candidates today? We found that out, and more:

Social media and social recruiting software are the #1 technology investment for employers in 2021